Building up confidence helps to build resiliency

Future Leaders Speaker Program (FLSP)

Disadvantaged and marginalized youth face challenges speaking confidently. Unfortunately, middle-high school students are not provided with enough opportunities to improve their communication skills. FLSP is a 10-week hybrid summer public speaking course for students entering 11th and 12th grades. The course will provide young speakers with opportunities to gain confidence and sharpen their public speaking skills. The program will train students on delivering various types of speeches, mastering public speaking skills as well as opportunities to practice and perform publicly.

Summer Loss

Every summer, millions of students experience summer learning loss further widening the achievement gap. Studies have shown that while all students feel the effects of summer learning loss, it disproportionately impacts children from low income families. This is due to the fact that most students from under-served communities do not have the opportunity to participate in enriching high quality summer programming. In addition to preventing summer loss, these programs prevent teens from getting into trouble and promote high school completion. According to the After School Alliance, engagement during the summer and after school hours is more likely to prevent children and teens from abusing alcohol and drugs, engaging in criminal behaviors, receiving poor grades, and dropping out of school. 

Program Goals:

Train students to speak confidently in public, perform well in group projects, and communicate with teachers and peers confidently.

2. Equip students with tools that will allow them to creatively express their thoughts and ideas, improve clarity and become confident communicators. 

3. Prevent summer loss while redefining the summer learning experience for underprivileged students.

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