Bridging Cultural Gaps

Cultivating confidence in BIPOC and empowering them to prosper and contribute
successfully to their own quality of life and the communities they live in.

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Empowering Immigrants
Closing digital gaps

Who we are

BCG was founded and is managed by BIPOC professionals with first-hand experience of what it means to thrive in systematic and institutional barriers. We feel that we are able to relate to our community because we have been through some of the same challenges and struggles they currently face.

At BCG, we understand that cultural communication has a significant impact on engagement and participation in programming thus we pay attention to cultural dimensions, cultural values, designations, and approach. Although a grassroots organization, we strive to stay consistent and keep up with the needs of our target populations. We have programs that focus on educational success of youth, substance abuse prevention as well as criminal diversion programs.

Building Bridges through Code: Afghan Youth Craft Their Digital Space

I am overwhelmed with joy as I recount the incredible experiences of our Afghan youth coding class during their first weeks in the coding....

BCG Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship Program

Our program is designed to empower BIPOC youth and immigrant families with the knowledge and skills they need to safely navigate the digital world.

Through interactive and engaging sessions, our experienced instructors  cover a range of topics, including social media safety, cyberbullying, online identity theft, and more.

The Hidden Genius

The Hidden Genius is a program that introduces traditionally marginalized young students of color to the field of technology. Numerous studies have shown that exposing young people of color to STEM fields helps propel them into underrepresented fields that currently lacking diversity. The program uses a social-emotional learning lens that helps youth develop self-management skills and encourages responsible decision making.

Future Leaders Speaker Program (FLSP)

Disadvantaged and marginalized youth face challenges speaking confidently. Unfortunately, middle-high school students are not provided with enough opportunities to improve their communication skills. FLSP is a 10-week hybrid summer public speaking course for students entering 11th and 12th grades.

College Countdown Program

Relative to their high-income background peers, low-income students are less likely to graduate high school or attend colleges and universities. Studies have shown that only 21% of low income, first-generation students in the U.S. graduate from college within six years.

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