"Our country has nearly 9 million available jobs in STEM with some 70 percent in computers and IT."

The Hidden Genius

The Hidden Genius is a program that introduces traditionally marginalized young students of color to the field of technology. Numerous studies have shown that exposing young people of color to STEM fields helps propel them into underrepresented fields that currently lacking diversity. The program uses a social-emotional learning lens that helps youth develop self-management skills and encourages responsible decision making.

Since 2018, we’ve been facilitating the Hidden Genius coding program for youth and young adults. Our program cohort program runs quarterly with 20-25 students at a time. Students are taught the basics of web development, using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. Students finish the program with a final project, a personal portfolio website that is hosted on our servers, which they can have access to their work anytime, anywhere. 

Many of our students have never been exposed to this level of technology, throughout our program we help unlock their hidden genius abilities and creativity. We invite BIPOC tech industry experts and leaders from local companies such as Slalom, Expedia and Microsoft as guest speakers and mentors. We want our students to know that they too can create or be a part of innovate disruptive technologies that change the world. 

We’ve served over 100 students in our coding programs since inception. Many of our graduates have went on to major or specialize in numerous STEM fields. Some of our graduates now attend local universities such as University of Washington, Washington State University, Western and Central Washington University.  There is a Hidden Genius in every child. Let us unlock it.

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