Hidden Genius

Coding Web Development track serving High School Youth:

Hidden Geniuses is a program that is black led and geared towards equipping young people of color in the field of technology. Our students are low incomes students from the inner city. Studies have shown exposing young people of color helps propel them into fields that are currently lacking diversity. Coding can be used as a tool to support mental health, coping skills and healing.  

Since 2018, we’ve been facilitating coding programs for high school age kids. Our programs run as cohorts, 20-25 students at a time. Students are taught the basics of web development, using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. Our students finish the program with a final project, which is a personal portfolio website that is hosted our servers – so they have access to their work anytime, anywhere.

During our cohorts we have guest speakers and mentors, these mentors are software engineers, UX designers and tech evangelists from local tech companies such as Slalom, Expedia, and Microsoft. All of our mentors are people of color Many of our students are never exposed to this type of technology, we help uplift them and help unlock their genius and creativity. We want them to know that they too can become a high-level executive at the world’s largest tech companies - the Google’s, Facebook, Tesla’s, Uber’s of the world, or they can simply create their own paths and innovate disruptive technologies that change the world.

 We’ve served approximately 175  youth in our coding programs since it’s inception. Many of our youth have go on to major in computer science after finding their place in the tech space. Some of our students have went ahead and attended local universities such as University of Washington, Washington State University, Western and Central Washington University.