At-Promise Youth

Elevating Our At-Promise Youth is a program that focuses on supporting Black youth aged 18-24 that are involved in the criminal legal system. The program supports them with navigating systems and addressing trauma to remove barriers that intersect with their ability to fully live their lives.

CHRM Program at Foster High School

CHRM is the Cultural Restoration of the Hearts and Minds program at Franklin High
School. Cultural communication has a significant impact on school engagement and
participation. BCG addresses issues around cultural dimensions to solve conflicts that arise due to cultural values and designations. We empower youth and families to build listening to learn skills by creating opportunities to foster and share responsibility to care and support each other.

Making Diversion Programs More Culturally Responsive

We have worked with elders in the East African community to develop a culturally responsive mediation approach to address issues regarding the disproportionate rates of incarceration of youth of color and to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. Our organization has been involved with local CBOs, faith-based groups, and organizers to also bring awareness regarding the struggle that immigrant and refugee youth face in America. Our work utilizes and honors traditional African practices that promote peace, healing and elevating young leaders in the community.

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