Environmental Program

A word from our Program Director

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A class on the “Laws of Nature from an Indigenous Perspective” Today we say "Environmental activist." In our culture we were all the caretakers of Mother Earth. We have no words for 'activist.' We never needed such a thing as we all were taught to have balance on the web of life, to be with and a part of all life. My grandfather would say, "It is the way of life." Some people call it "the laws of nature" and some people call it a "reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth." (The world around them) We were taught to never take more than you need and always give back more than you take. When gathering, we would help the plants to grow and fishermen brought back the parts of the fish not used to the sea to nourish the invisible water creatures. We stayed connected to the land. We are here to be in harmony with the land, not to taint the land, Mother Earth. We were taught to treat the land, Mother Earth, as we would treat our friends or our own life. With respect! ...

- Betty Johnson